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2020 - 2021 Tryouts

posted Sep 2, 2020, 9:59 AM by Scott Stewart   [ updated Sep 8, 2020, 5:09 AM ]

Sharpen your skates! 

Mid-Isle Matrix is excited to announce tryout registration for the 2020-2021 season. 

Please complete the attached form and send your e-transfer ($60).  Mid-Isle Matrix is trying to avoid using cash,  and require everyone to be registered to try out. 

·         $60 for 3 ice times cut / $60 3 ice times Final Cut

·         Ensure your registered with your home association prior to tryouts, without association registration your child will not have any insurance and as such will not be permitted on the ice.

·         U11/U13 tryouts will take place at Kensington Credit Union Place

·         U15/U18 will take place at APM Centre North River

·         No parents will be allowed during tryouts (further information to follow)

·         Players are expected to show up at the rink no earlier than 30min prior to ice and no later than 15min prior to ice.


This season will be different than any in the past, there is not a Jamboree this season it has been cancelled due to Covid19 challenges.   Please read and understand the operational plans for the associated rinks that you will be playing at.


Covid19 Training For All



Register Your Future Matrix Star


E-Transfer matrixfees@gmail.com

Tryout Schedule to follow.

To be located under your associated tab on the Matrix page.